Your Mac is not immune to online security threats. Take control of your privacy and security online with the best VPN for Mac.

It’s becoming increasingly important for Mac users to use VPNs. After all, it’s the only way to guarantee the privacy and online freedom. Macs are not particularly prone to malware. But at the same time, they’re not immune to online threats and obstacles. These include:

  • Spying by hackers, governments, and corporations.
  • Geo-locked content that can only be accessed from certain countries.
  • Apps and websites that track your device address and location
  • Government censorship

In our roundup today, we take you through 3 of the best VPNs for Mac. They include:

  1. NordVPN
  2. Mullvad
  3. CyberGhost VPN

Best VPNs For Mac

You’ll find hundreds of VPNs in the market today with just about all of them claiming to be the best VPN for Mac. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some VPNs can compromise your privacy by leaking your IP address. Others won’t work with your favorite streaming services. Some are too slow to even consider. Below are our favorite VPNs for Mac.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is hands down the best VPN service we’ve tested overall. It’s not the fastest, but it does have acceptable speeds. Little wonder why we included it in our list of 12 Best VPN Services in 2020.


NordVPN provides Mac users with above-average double encryption to help safeguard their data. It has a large network of more than 5600 servers located in more than 68 countries. You can rest assured you won’t be struggling with server congestion.


  • The largest network of servers
  • Specialized servers like Onion over VPN, Double VPN
  • Strict no logs of user activity
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Torrenting/P2P allowed
  • Adblocking and web protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

⛔️ CONS:

  • Expensive
  • No NordVPN free version

Apply for a NordVPN Deal here. This page is always up to date.

2. Mullvad

Mullvad is the perfect choice for those who care about anonymity. You don’t have to provide a name and an email address to sign up. It’s even possible to pay cash. Mullvad’s privacy policy is by far the best in the industry.


While it does not promise over the top features and isn’t guaranteed to work with your favorite streaming service, it does check all the right boxes when it comes to privacy.


  • No email or password required
  • Very private
  • Easy to set up
  • Accepts payments in cash

⛔️ CONS:

  • Slow downloads
  • You don’t get a discount for paying yearly
  • Clunky user interface

3. CyberGhost VPN

If you’re all about speed, then you can’t go wrong with CyberGhost VPN. It is based in Romania and its speeds are superior to most players in the industry. The service is perfect for anyone looking to watch geo-locked video streaming services. It has a simple user interface that’s clear and easy to use.


CyberGhost has over 5800 servers in more than 60 countries. The VPN for Mac does not log your IP address so there’s some level of anonymity to the service. It also blocks trackers, ads, and malicious websites.

CyberGhost is expensive if you go for a monthly subscription. You’ll do better with the yearly subscription.


  • Powerful Mac client with plenty of smart features
  • Great value yearly plans
  • Great for streaming services such as Netflix
  • Excellent live chat support
  • Fast speeds
  • No bar on torrents

⛔️ CONS:

  • You only get a 24-hour trial period
  • A few servers are slow
  • Awkward manual setup. You can follow our guide on How To Use A VPN to overcome this.


Looking for the perfect VPN for Mac? If you want a provider with a good Mac client that makes the user experience a breeze and also guarantees you security and speed, then our collection of VPNs for Mac will give you all these and even a bit more.