There are so many fabulous tools out there these days to make creating digital masterpieces quick and easy. One of these is the Colorcinch app that allows you to quickly and easily turn photos into cartoons.

Why it Might be Fun to Cartoon Yourself

We share a lot of ourselves on social media, and the same old stuff gets boring after a while. It’s fun to shake things up and use filters or enhance photographs to share fun and unique images with our tribe of followers.

One way to do that is to cartoonize a photo and share it with the world. Sometimes these fun projects turn into works of art. The effect is very realistic, and people might think you drew it from scratch.

Try taking a selfie-and cartoon yourself and then share it with friends and family. You are sure to get some great feedback and funny comments. You can also use these cartoon caricatures of yourself as avatars or profile images on social media or other accounts where you want to conceal your true identity.

Photo to Cartoon - The Easy Way with Colorcinch

If you have been itching to try something new with your photos, check out Colorcinch. It’s a full-featured photo editor loaded with advanced features like masks, layers, filters, borders, and one-click enhancements like turning a photo into a cartoon.

cartoonize image

It’s super easy to use with a handy drag-n-drop feature to load in your images. To try your hand at turning a photo into a cartoon, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser and visit Colorcinch.
  2. Select a photo on your computer that you want to turn into a cartoon.
  3. Drag and drop the photo into the large box on the home page. You can also use the “Upload” button to select the image from another location. You can only edit one photo at a time, but they are working on a batch feature.
  4. Once your photo loads, hold your mouse over the left-hand icons to see what each one does.
  5. Select the magic wand icon (3rd down from the top). It should say “Effects.”
  6. You will see four choices (Cartoonizer, Digital Art, Sketcher, and Painting). Select Cartoonizer.
  7. You will see a bunch of choices on the left for types of cartoons. Select the one you want. However, some of them are only available with a paid subscription. There are dozens of versions, so keep scrolling until you find the perfect one.
  8. Once you select the one you want, you will see a progress meter on your photo saying “Preparing…” with a percentage. Depending on the size of your original image, it might take a few minutes to convert to a cartoon. All those with a diamond in the top right are premium filters.
  9. When the process is complete, you will see your image as a cartoon.
  10. You can use the top menu and choose “Save” then “My Computer” to save a copy to your computer. You can only save to the cloud if you have a paid subscription.
  11. When you choose to save to your computer, a save box will pop up. Give your file a name, select which file type you want (JPG, PNG, or PDF), and use the slider to choose quality vs. file size.
  12. Click the “Save” button to save the file.
  13. Now, you can use your cartoon however you like.

Creating cartoons from your photos may spark a new hobby or turn into something great. Either way, you now have the instructions you need to turn your photos into a cartoon-like a pro.